For adversity, life, and manhood. Join us for 2022.


May 19 – 22 :: $167 Early Bird Registration (thru March 13)

Join us to be prepared for life, adversity, and manhood. At this training bootcamp, you will be stretched outside your comfort zone physically, spiritually, and mentally. You will discover what it means to truly be a man, in your disciplines, character, passions, pursuits, and conversation. The event will feature pushups, sit-ups, rigorous hikes, Bible studies, manly conversations, and practical challenges from God’s Word. You will leave emboldened and equipped with the courage and skills to battle the enemy by the power of Christ.

Denver Bontrager

is a passionate man of God and a sibling to four sisters and five brothers. Denver enjoys working on the family farm and traveling with the Bontrager Family Singers. In the line of Daniel Boone, Denver is a rugged outdoorsman who engages in trapping, hunting, and riding four wheelers. He loves pushups, books, and mentally and spiritually stimulating conversations.

Charlie Bowers

is a gifted encourager to many, a dedicated evangelist, and a lover of God’s Word. He excels in natural remedies, self-defense, first aid, and physical exercise. His natural habitat is the woods, the farm, and the country. He enjoys working hard with his family, brainstorming entrepreneurial adventures, and making memories with his eight siblings.